Mrs. Tanya Lowery
Founder and Head Coach

Here we teach and motivate! We work from the fundamentals and build young ladies up to full scale cheerleaders and dancers in a short amount of time. In a place where violence and poverty has taken over communities, The Lowery Divas Academy immerses young ladies in an atmosphere of love, motivation and accountability. Not just a cheer and dance academy, Tanya Lowery has worked for over 25 years to change the lives of young ladies all over the state of Indiana. 

Formed in the mid 90's Tanya took her passion for cheer, dance, and her 13 plus years of experience coaching 50 girls to build Lady Lowery Lakers. She previously held positions as the head cheer coach of Morton High School (2008) and Williams Elementary (2016). From here she then built a traveling team of  girls ages 3-15 with beginning to advanced levels of experience and style and took over cheer competitions across the Midwest, winning countless awards.