Welcome to our new family!

Lowery Divas Academy Cheer & Dance (LDA) was established in August 2016 by Tanya Lowery. LDA's goal is to provide and strive for a strong, but solid foundation as they build and encourage true characters from the ages 3 to 15. The company value the qualities of discipline, structure, and excellence as LDA staff improve the girls' cheer and dance skills.  


LDA teams will enter cheer and dance competitions along with cheer and dance camps throughout the year. Each athlete will learn what it means to be a true cheerleader and dancer. They will progress in good listening skills and solid work ethics. LDA accept all girls, skill or no skill; we will train you to become the best you can be. 

our mission

Our mission is to give the team highly-quality coaching and teach them pyramids, tumbling, cheers, jumps, and hip-hop dancing. More importantly, we plan to teach each cheerleader and dancer a lesson of hard work and unity.